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Your caring and engagement, and taking the initiative to use our company’s continued commitment to diversity and inclusion as a venue to share your experiences for the betterment of all of us, is making such a difference in a time where a difference is so greatly needed. Keep up the great work! 


You rocked it lady!  So well done.  Appreciate your time, efforts and passion.  And love the analogy of the breast cancer walk as a point of learning about Black Lives Matter.  This could be a paradigm changer for many.  Hope you are safe and healthy.  Have a great week.

- Executive Officer

Thanks so much for you’re very moving story today. I grew up in the 60s and 70s in the Philadelphia area. I saw and heard a lot. So much turmoil with race in the 60s and then the 70s just continued the race issues. My heart breaks for you and every other parent that has to worry each and every day whether or not their children will make it home. I cannot tell you how much this resonates with me and how disturbing I find it to be. My husband and I talk about this and cannot believe that after all these years this is still going on. The information that you presented today was really helpful. I am going to be on the lookout all the time now for political policy changes, school policies and any other thing that I think has racial undertones associated with it. I will also continue to think about how this gets fixed, to come up with ideas and no longer be quiet. Those things are what I took away from the meeting today.

Peace and equality should be within everyone’s reach and I would love to be able to hand it to you. I want to promise you that I won’t be quiet any longer. Keep doing all the good that you are doing.

- Employee


Thank you for sharing today, your message is important and powerful.   Your message included a lot of good reminders about the importance of recognizing and valuing others.   I loved the comment about listening to understand!!!

Thank you for being leader in change!

- Employee

Your message and voice was very powerful! Wish it was longer class!

- Employee


All of your stories today were so meaningful for me to hear.   It tears me up to know that you have experienced such ugliness  and you fear daily for your family.  I was also struck by sadness with Marissa’s story, being an adoptive parent myself.   I would die for my daughter.  Can’t understand the bad people of this world. Do know you are a rock star Valora and never doubt that! I am proud of you too.   Keep standing for change.

- Team Leader


Participating in this workshop was an enlightening experience for me. Hearing powerful personal stories challenged me to acknowledge social injustices and sad realities that I’ve avoided. And the discussion helped me identify ways that I can be a part of the solution. We all have the ability – and responsibility – to learn and do better. I’m grateful that our company values this type of experience where we can come together and candidly discuss what needs to happen to make our organization and communities more inclusive for everyone.

- Employee


The presenters sharing their stories and thoughts was raw and real and I think there is no better time than now to learn and grow from listening to them. I hope everyone takes advantage of this course. Thank you for being vulnerable.

- Employee


The chance to listen to someone's story, and learn from their experience, taking away things I can do differently in my life to make this world more welcoming for all - that is priceless. Thank you for this opportunity!

- Employee


I found Valora, Bo and Marissa's stories to be powerful. Most of us do not know what it feels like to be discriminated against because of the color of our skin, so it was eye opening to hear about their experiences, and gives me a whole new perspective. The stories also drove home how important it is to put a stop to racism as the way they have been treated is unacceptable. Thank you all for your courage in sharing with us all!

- Employee


We often hear and/or see Black Lives Matter (BLM) and are quick to say all lives matter. Valora helped explain/clarify that all lives matter and while we do know that, we want Black Lives to have equality and not to have to be afraid to live in every day society!

- Employee

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