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Educate • Voice • Oppose Oppression • Lean into discomfort • Venture • Empower

Wild Path



Build a culture that respects, supports, and values one another by promoting, embracing, and celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion.



Transform a community where individuals can thrive as they expand their knowledge and begin to see the value they bring in creating an inclusive environment.

What to Expect

An 8-week curriculum that aids employees in gaining understanding of how we as individuals contribute to systems of inequities. The course will address inequities through the lens of social identity, address overall systems of oppression, stereotypes, power & privilege, and implicit bias. Apply the skills you gain throughout the program through interactive activities.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to identify and explain various issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Examine their own biases, beliefs, and attitudes towards others that don’t look like them

  • Explore ways with courage to oppose oppression, face and challenge bias and create a safe space where we value and respect other’s differences

  • Practice raising their voice with knowledge to educate and empower others as they lean into discomfort when venturing out of their comfort zone

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