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"Path To Empathy" is a three step course designed to help raise awareness, address systems of inequity and support self-development. It is a collaboration of companies who have experience in facilitating, assessing and  stimulating growth mindset. 

"Path To Empathy" encourages individuals to LISTEN, ACT and EVOLVE. It's ideal for organizations, corporations and institutions who seek to build morale, develop and nurture a culture of diversity, inclusion and equity and create a work environment that is more productive.


our modules


Mission: Counter the negative impact racism has on our society by confronting racism in our personal lives and our community 

Goal: Increase awareness and understanding of the impact racial injustice and inequality has on individuals, organizations, and communities.


Mission: Establish a framework for equity by developing the intercultural skills needed to leverage diversity and create an inclusive culture where all employees feel valued and engaged. 

Goal: Use the intercultural development continuum to drive innovation and create an inclusive culture. 


Mission: Transform a community where individuals can thrive as they expand their knowledge and begin to see the value they bring in creating an inclusive environment


Goal: Build a culture that respects, supports, and values one another by promoting, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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